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Denuit shop

Welcome to Denuit Shop – your exclusive portal to directly support the heart and soul of Denuit. We believe in the power of our community.

Your choice of apparel isn't just a purchase; it's a meaningful contribution to Denuit's journey. Our latest designs, featuring T-shirts, Tote bags, Bomber Jackets and more, reflect your impact on our evolution.

With every selection from our collection, you're not merely acquiring clothing – you're influencing the very fabric of Denuit. It's a subtle, beautiful dance, an unspoken connection that echoes the profound satisfaction of being part of something greater.

What makes your support even more remarkable is our commitment to sustainability. We're proud to say that our bomber jackets are thrifted, embodying our ideals of upcycling and reducing environmental impact. Every item in the shop is meticulously handcrafted by Denuit, Lis, & Ivi, ensuring that each piece carries a touch of our passion and dedication.

Our approach is about quality over quantity, a philosophy reflected in our small collection drops featuring new designs.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases, including custom-made clothing, as your support goes beyond fashion. It fosters the growth of Denuit, making new music and global connections possible.

So, explore our latest collection, wear your support with pride, and let's continue shaping the future of Denuit together. Your role in this journey, alongside our commitment to sustainable fashion, is truly invaluable.

With gratitude,


Lis & Ivi