Denuit embroidered patch

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Cool Merch for the hot summer!

  • NEW Logo T-shirt!
  • Unique Bomber Jacket
  • Embroidered Patches
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  • Denuit embroidered patch

    Denuit Embroidered Patches

    Each patch is made from high-quality black cotton and features ultra-vibrant embroidery threads.

    Each piece is unique.

    Get the COOL stuff 
  • Denuit NEW T-Shirt

    Introducing our latest model T-Shirt, crafted from lightweight cotton that's perfect for summer. Stay stylishly goth even on the hottest days.

    Stay COOL in the summer 
  • Denuit Necklace

    Denuit Jewelry Necklace

    Available in white, black, and purple, this necklace features an adjustable vegan leather strap for a comfortable fit.

    Wear the COOL logo 
Denuit Necklace

*NEW Jewelry Denuit

New Jewelry Denuit Collection!

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Bomber Jackets



Denuit - Bomber Jackets Transform your style with the Denuit Bomber Jacket... 

Ritual NEW (White Edition)

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